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About us Tempest Art Artists

Who We Are

Our passion is creating visually seductive and meaningful art. We strive to create exceptional works of art that we believe anyone can enjoy.Jhonis & Alexa

We’re a New Orleans – based couple, that have joined forces to create exceptional art and provide our audience with original works that are as unique as they are powerful. Together we offer a unique, high-quality style of artworks in a variety of mediums.

The Artists

We love what we do and believe that there are no shortcuts when it comes to high quality art…

Together, driven by our passion and ispiration, we are committed to creating the best unique works for our patrons

The Art

Our distinctive blend of art comes from original works created and perfected by us, and the artist’s hand is present in every piece. The interpretation of the art prints themselves is something everyone can partake in and personally connect to.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create, innovate, and share passionate art that patrons can relate to and enjoy for many years to come (Archival y’all). We strive to provide a glimpse into and celebrate the unseen parts of the world we live in, beginning with New Orleans.

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